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Looking to have something created specifically for your museum store? Let's work together to make the perfect product for! I use my 10+ years of experience with creating consumer products and working with clients to find the best fit for you. Please Contact Me or send an email to lauren(at) and let's turn your project from idea to reality.


Elfreth's Alley is a place to celebrate the concept of home and so the flour sack tea towels Lauren provided are a perfect fit for our gift shop. Lauren is a prompt supplier and a willing collaborator on new products and, most importantly, has a knack for creating illustrations that capture the essence of things in simple and stylish fashion.
-Ted Maust
Associate Director
Elfreth's Alley Association
When we met Lauren we knew there was a different aesthetic about her, it was her art. That simple buyer/vendor relationship has since developed into a partnership. Lauren designed and produced a wonderful deconstruction of the Betsy Ross Flag for the Betsy Ross House Museum Gift Shop. That art has grown from a retail postcard to frameable art and is now being worked into several other higher-priced items. And it's all in the artwork. That's what sells it. 
-Tate Perazzelli
Regional Manager 
Color, Inc.